1. Don't watch the video
  2. imagine Mickey as bill Cosby walking down a street with pidgins
  3. Show the video to someone you really hate
  4. draw the scene in MS paint without looking.
  5. hack the video and replace the music with HUAHDUADUDYHnmHhNhU
  6. Watch me remake the messup part and add a different video in the background.
  7. imagine the piano playing in the backround is Tourettes Guy slamming on keys yelling.
  8. Poorly remake the scene in 3D movie maker.
  9. imagine the random guy yelling is Francis getting punch in the nuts by COACH!
  10. replace mickeys face with a PIGEON!
  11. make a YTP on the last 7 seconds of the video.
  12. replace the text at the end with "go home and die I'm back to f*** your grandma!"
  13. add death metal to the mess up part. XD
  14. as a video project show this to your class at school.
  15. play the video in fast motion
  16. watch my cat twitch his foot.
  17. revoice the guy at the end
  18. listen to Francis comment on the video.
  19. watch a remake of the video made in little big planet.
  20. voiceover Mickey mouse HUEHUEHURE
  21. when the video blacks out replace the blackness with a funny picture or video or something.
  22. Replace the guy at the end with Sam fisher
  23. replace the end with the ugly barnical

And last but not least